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Multicolour Monoprint

Even though it was the hottest day of the year so far, the students on my Multicolour Monoprint workshop worked so hard all day. We had to give in and flick the air-con on in the afternoon mind you! Here's a tiny taste of some of the work they produced...

This landscape print (above) was so appropriate for the day, you can just feel the heat can't you? Many of these multicolour prints are done with a layering process of at least two pulls from the plate.

Above: I really liked the simplicity of this one, but how it looked so much like a summer field!

Some students experimented with using stencils to add pattern elements to their monoprints. 
I loved the subtle colours in this multi-layered circle print. It's not always easy to layer up prints without the results becoming confused and overworked. I'm sure you'll agree that all of these examples avoid that minefield completely!

Exploring the beauty of optical mixing with the multicolour, multi-layer print.

And to fini…

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