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Handmade Wardrobe

There's loads of reasons for making your own clothes, not least for the fun of it. I'm quite hooked on making things at the moment, and to be honest, the sheen of buying clothes on the high street has really worn off for me. I'm much more excited by looking through patterns and fabrics and coming up with my own variations. Here are a few things I've made recently...

Despite her supermodel sulky pose, these trousers are always a hit. I've made them before Here and Here. (Look at how she's grown!). As it's winter, for this version I've lengthened the pattern to make them full length (the original is cropped), and I've added a jersey lining on the inside. That's the red and white stripe in the photo below. It makes the trousers super cosy and soft to wear. The outer fabric is printed denim. It's easy to make the lining with this trouser. I just make two trousers, pop one inside the other and treat them as a single layer. Instead of hemming the …

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