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The Girl with the Eagle: Quilting

So the new quilt The Girl with the Eagle is pinned on the longarm for quilting. I've got several projects on the go, but this was the one that I felt really needed to go on the longarm. One of the benefits is that you can see a good amount of the quilt out in front of you at once and so quilting figures, I think, becomes a bit easier. I suppose it's like standing back from a painting to get an overall feel for a piece. I don't find that's always so easy when the piece is crumpled up in a heap under a regular sewing machine.

The first job is always to establish the threads that I'll need. I like to pick them out and keep them beside me as I stitch. It's like a painter putting the paints out on the palette. They're then ready and I'm more inclined to change colour when I should, rather than getting lazy!

For something like a face, where a number of threads will be needed, and the tonal values are really important, I'll sequence the threads in a line-u…

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